Our story behind The Grange

A life long dream lead us to The Grange. 

Since our family (Trish, Bruce and daughters Kirsten and Padget) emigrated from South Africa in 1990,  

we dreamt of starting a Bed and Breakfast in an 

older character filled home. 

After many years of looking, dreaming 

and scheming we were lucky enough to discover

 "The Grange" in St. Williams.

We felt we had "come home" from the first time we visited

 1080 Front Road and knew immediately that this 

graceful old lady had captured our hearts. 

We knew then that this home would be perfect for our 

Bed and Breakfast dream and that 

she would charm all who visit us / her.

It appears that the Grange has grown in 4 stages over 

the 150 plus years since the first cornerstone was laid.

 We are the 6th family to live here and we are doing what we can to be responsible and caring "tenants" in the heritage of this

welcoming old home and garden.

Cat paw prints that are visible in a few of the bricks. 

This has lead us to believe the bricks could have 

been made on site. 

A beam in the Kitchen wing has a date of 1861 carved 

into the wood and many of the trees and shrubs on 

the property are testimony to the years gone by. 

The huge maple tree at the rear of the home, 

referred to as "mother", has been estimated 

to be in excess of 300 years old. 

Who is who at The Grange

We love building products for you

Trish Hardman

Host,  here to make sure all is right with the world and your stay at The Grange

Bruce Hardman

resident artist, grounds keeper and dishwasher

Amigo Beach Rat Hardman

security, entertainer and squirrel chaser

Lady Bumpsy - Hardman

part time greeter, full time snoozer

Bailey Hardman

full time entertainer and mischief maker